ticking time bomb

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I could not figure out how to make mp3’s downloadable.

Episode 17  Heather writes a song!!!               Download

Episode 16 Homie Thanksgiving is herrr           Download


Episode 15 Clyde needs to learn how to          Download

hunt zombies!!!

Episode 14 You Lack FOcccccuuuuuuuussss!!!   Download

Episode 13 Wedding and Honeymoon talk!!!    Download

Episode 12 Second Cast on the Nopium           Download

Productions network Relentless Axiom!!!

Episode 11 First guest ever Jared!!!                 Download

Episode 10 Long absence!!!                            Download

Episode 9 Webisode!!!                                   Download  

Episode 8 Live in Vernal!!!                              Download

Episode 7 Short and sweet                              Download

Episode 6 not really sure!                                Download

Episode 5 Clyde and Maddy                           Download

tease the cult story and talk about religion!!!                     

Episode 4 Ticking Time Bomb 4                        Download

Episode 3 Ticking Time Bomb Moab Edition      Download

Episode 2 Clyde and Maddy number 2!!          Download

Episode 1 A shot of whiskey will help!!!            Download